Colorado Massage Sign Up – ONLY 30 spots left!!

BrittTeam CO

The time to sign up for your post-ride massage in our team tent is NOW. ONLY 30 SPOTS LEFT!!
BIG thanks to Cathy Balan for organizing our team of private masseuses (again) AND for making sign up simple. 

Just visit Cathy’s personal fundraising page, click the donate button and fill in a donation of $20.00 (rate of $1.00/minute) along with your name in the donor recognition box.

A few notes: 

  • Sign up is limited to one 20-minute massage per rider. We have a large team and want to ensure everyone that’s interested has a chance.
  • Please include which route you plan to ride in the Personal Note box when signing up (Express, Classic, Century or Double-Metric Century).
  • It is advised that you PREPAY for your massage to insure you can get an appointment time after the ride.
  • You sign up for a specific appointment time in the team tent after you cross the finish line at CSU. Those who have pre-paid for their massage get the first crack at appointment times. 

Have questions? Please email Cathy at