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One person can change the world,
so just imagine what a team can do.

Team Left Hand is a group of employees and friends dedicated to solving the riddle that is Multiple Sclerosis.

Since 2008, we have raised over $6 million and won't stop riding or fundraising until MS stands for Mystery Solved.

Please consider joining us to raise funds & awareness for the millions of people around the world that are fighting this disease today. We support several Bike MS rides around the country, with most covering 150 miles, from the east to the west coasts.

Left Hand Brewing is a proud National Bike MS Sponsor. Our 2022 plans include Team Left Hand’s 14th ride in Colorado, 10th season in the Carolinas, 9th ride in Florida, 8th ride in Ohio, 7th ride in Texas, 6th ride in Los Angeles, California, 3rd ride in Washington State, 3rd ride in Delaware.

Sponsorship Options

Just imagine...50–200 riders (depending on the state) wearing attractive bike jerseys with your logo on it, being seen by thousands of riders, volunteers, spectators and cars along the route, and hundreds more at the Team Village. Not to mention all of the training rides in preparation for Bike MS!

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15 Years of raising funds for MS!

Team Left hand has raised $6+ Million since 2008

2008    $17,960 raised

2009    $47,209 raised

2010    $67,257 raised

2011    $115,667 raised

2012    $185,525 raised

2013    $269,815 raised

2014    $323,458 raised

2015    $483,771 raised

2016    $633,833 raised

2017    $710,302 raised

2018   $731,213 raised

2019   $834,425 raised

2020   $533,164 raised

2021   $783,700 raised

2022   $612,400 raised
updated 8/22/22