Team Seb Cennamo to become Team Left Hand Texas!

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Howdy Team Seb!

We have some very exciting news about this year’s MS ride that we want to share but, first off, we want to let you know that in 2015, 9 of us rode with Team Seb and raised $26,948.  Since 2005, over the 11 years that our Team has existed, we have raised a total of $344.573.06 for MS Research!  Way to go!  It is something we all can be truly proud of.  FYI here is our team history of ridership and fundraising over the years.

Team Seb

Last year, with only 9 riders, we decided not to spring for a Team Tent and accepted Team Broadway’s generous and warm-hearted invitation to party with them as well as Team Wingman and Team Wells Fargo in their team tents.  For the first year ever, we didn’t quite make it into the top 10 fundraising teams.  I was a little disappointed, so this got us thinking and talking and planning.  We’ve been dropping hints and have shared some info with several team members and all think this is an awesome opportunity to grow our team, have a ton of fun and rededicate ourselves to fundraising to benefit the National MS Society in memory of our friend, Seb Cennamo.

The first exciting news is that Left Hand Brewery, based in Longmont, CO, will be the 2016 MS Ride to the River beer sponsor!!  Steve and I personally sampled all six of their beer choices when we rode as passport riders last summer in the CO, Fort Collins Ride.  Left Hand Brewery brought six different beers to the Team Tent Village and everyone got 3 tickets for 3 overflowing pints of the best beer I have ever had!  We talked to Chris, Lennert, COO of Left Hand Brewery and MS Left Hand Bike Team Captain, and learned that he is passionate about raising funds to fight MS and improving the lives of people living with MS.  To say we were impressed would be an understatement.  Chris and his full-time, dedicated MS team coordinator, Sara Barfoot, told us their story, invited us to the Left Hand team tent (more about that in a minute) and explained their requirements for being a beer sponsor for the MS Ride to the River.  The requirement that affects us is the fact that Team Left Hand is a national team.  Ultimately they want to have 10 teams across the country riding and raising funds to fight MS.  Among other conditions to being the beer sponsor for the MS Ride to the River, Left Hand Brewery required that they have a team presence and a local team captain with a goal to get Team Left Hand Texas to 45 riders and $45,000 in fundraising for the 2016 MS Ride to the River.  In exchange, they will be a generous corporate sponsor and do everything possible to support our efforts to attract riders and fundraisers in order to raise awareness and eradicate MS.  Chris believes that if Left Hand Brewery takes care of the team, the team will do amazing things to fundraise in the fight to end MS.  After returning from the Colorado ride, Steve and I and several team members talked it over and agreed!  This is awesome.  This is fun.  This is meaningful.  Seb would be proud.  So, we are bringing everything we have and merging into Team Left Hand.  We really hope that all of you will join us in this excellent adventure and will take advantage of all the good times we will have as the fifth team to join the Team Left Hand vision!!!!

Left Hand Brewery is committed to the cause and has a team of 200 in their home ride in Colorado as well as teams ranging from 50 to 100 members in Florida, Ohio and the Carolinas.  Our ride will be the 5th event that Team Left Hand participates in, with their ultimate goal being 10 events and total fundraising of $1,000,000 per year!

Steve and I just returned from the Left Hand Team Captain conference in Longmont, where we met with the team captains from the other four rides and staff from the brewery.  We had planning sessions, got to tour the facility, cheer the Broncos to a Super Bowl victory, socialize, promote our ride at their Colorado team kickoff meeting and were generally treated like rock stars.  Did I mention that the event was held at the Brewery?!  We sampled a lot of GREAT beer and you can bet that will be an ongoing theme and perk with this team.  It was amazing and we know that this is going to be an incredible opportunity for our ride and our team.

Left hand started their bike team in 2008 with 25 riders in Colorado and raised around $20,0000. Last year they participated in 4 rides with almost 400 riders and raised close to $500,000.  Total fundraising to date is over $1,500,000.  They are serious about fundraising and raising awareness about MS but they are also fully committed to having a blast while they do it.   Here are just a few of the perks of being on Team Left Hand.
*Left Hand Beer at team events and training rides
*Team Kickoff Party (with Left Hand Beer)
*Awesome Team Left Hand Texas (TLHT) Primal Wear jersey included with team registration and other Primal team gear available for purchase online.
*Team tent, including keg foot bath, lounge furniture, tables, chairs and more Left Hand Beer.
*National and Local Team Sponsorship including Nuun, Justin’s nut butter, Primal Wear, Total Wine, Flying Saucer and Ben E. Keith
*Team members who raise the $300 MS fundraising minimum share in proceeds from  the Ride to the River Texas sponsorships and the Team Texas Fund Raising event.
*Team Left Hand Website, Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
*TLHT Bikes, Beer and Travel program that allows team members who raise the suggested minimum of $1000 go to  other Team Left Hand rides.

This is just the beginning. Steve and I are completely pumped about this and on board 100%.  But as always we can’t do it alone.  We need your help!  So what do YOU have to do to play a part in all of this?
*Sign up on the Team Left Hand Website for Team Texas and pay the $65 team registration fee. (Yes, there’s a $65 team fee – what’s that all about? Well, it helps with all kinds of cool amenities – Primal Wear Team Texas jersey, team tent, food, and all of the perks mentioned above).
*Sign up on the MS Website on Team Left Hand and pay the MS registration fee. We will try to have a special registration deal at our team kickoff event.

*Raise the minimum $300 for our event, although our suggested Team Left Hand Texas minimum is $1000.
*Finally you can train, ride, raise funds and awareness, volunteer, secure local sponsors, make new friends, get back in touch with old friends, attend events, get in shape and have fun!

Did I forget to mention you can drink lots of Left Hand Beer?

Wow.  I could go on and on, but I guess that is enough for now.  I hope you are as excited as we are and will join us in this new adventure along with your friends and family.  We encourage you to email us with any questions or comments that you may have.  Be sure to visit  and Like Team Left Hand on Facebook!!!!  The 2016 MS Ride the River sign up has not opened yet, but when that happens, we will ask you to sign up for both the MS ride and for TLHT at the website.  We will be back in touch with more information soon about a Team Left Hand kickoff party in April.

Spread the word, invite friends and come have a blast with Team Left Hand!!!

Steve & Ilene Kramer